So I read the first volume of Johns and Lee’s Justice League

As someone who had a lot invested in the old DCU, I was pretty dead set against this at first. Flashpoint was a disappointingly perfunctory revamp that didn’t really wrap the previous DCU up in a satisfying way the way Crisis on Infinite Earths did, and so I mostly just kind of disengaged, except for a few titles that weren’t really related to what I was reading before like Frankenstein and Demon Knights.

That said, I found the collection of the first six issues of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League in my local library. I generally believe in not dismissing things unfairly because of NERD RAGE, however justified, and not blame particular stories for the bad decisions that set them up. After all, I thought Identity Crisis was an ill-concieved mess from start to finish, but it led to a lot of worthwhile stories like Villains United and 52. So I checked it out. These were my gut reactions more or less as they occurred to me.

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