So I read the first volume of Johns and Lee’s Justice League

As someone who had a lot invested in the old DCU, I was pretty dead set against this at first. Flashpoint was a disappointingly perfunctory revamp that didn’t really wrap the previous DCU up in a satisfying way the way Crisis on Infinite Earths did, and so I mostly just kind of disengaged, except for a few titles that weren’t really related to what I was reading before like Frankenstein and Demon Knights.

That said, I found the collection of the first six issues of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League in my local library. I generally believe in not dismissing things unfairly because of NERD RAGE, however justified, and not blame particular stories for the bad decisions that set them up. After all, I thought Identity Crisis was an ill-concieved mess from start to finish, but it led to a lot of worthwhile stories like Villains United and 52. So I checked it out. These were my gut reactions more or less as they occurred to me.

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I just remembered Chris Sims’s equally negative review of Justice League. He hits a lot of the same things that bugged me (like the way Batman’s unmasking was completely unmotivated, the gratuitous stabbiness, the miserable excuse for a Darkseid) in a much clearer, more coherent, and less Darkseid-possessed way:

But in Justice League, that knack for character is completely absent. There’s just nothing there, and it’s the major flaw in the first half of the arc. We’re introduced to characters who are barely even two-dimensional, spouting catchphrases out loud into a vacuum instead of actually interacting with each other, and with no real motivation other than “hit the bad guy…”