Another inspiration to me although I didn’t know it at the time.

Jack “The King” Kirby really was the king of the Silver Age of comics. He created the look and style of Marvel and 90% of the characters there. He moved on to DC and ended up creating Darkseid for them. He’s not that well known outside comic book fans which is a shame.

Everything he drew felt larger than life and he was one of the only artists who can portray epic in comics. He wasn’t about anatomy but energy and movement.

Socles then, about whom not many seem to know, was an Athenian who was esteemed, and indeed was, a comely boy. Now he bought a horse, handsome too like its master but of a violently amorous disposition and with a far sharper eye than other horses. Hence it conceived a passionate love for its master, and when he approached, it would snort; and if he patted it, it would neigh; when he mounted, it would be docile; when he stood before it, it would cast languishing glances at him. These actions already savoured of love, but were thought pleasing. When however the horse, becoming too reckless, seemed to be meditating an assault upon the boy, and tales about the pair of a too monstrous nature began to circulate, Socles would not tolerate the slander, and in his detestation of a licentious lover sold the horse. But the animal could not bear to be separated from the beautiful boy and ended its days by a rigorous starvation.

Aelian, On the Nature of Animals 6.44, trans. A. F. Scholfield (1959)

And then he was reincarnated as Supergirl’s sidekick.

(Sometimes I worry that someone out there is shipping Equius/Comet… or Loki/Comet… or Equius/Loki/Comet. WHERE IS YOUR ALLFATHER NOW?)