I completely appreciate your fuck marvel tag. I suspect that once I catch up there will be a lot of enraged ranting. Actually that wouldn’t be that different from when I read Civil War/Secret Invasion/Siege. It’s kind of  a tragically inevitable part of the whole comic reading experience I guess. Although I will not judge if you choose to preserve your sanity and keep well out of it. I will just rant in your vicinity so you can point and laugh.   On the bright side, at least Fraction apparently won’t be writing Iron Man for much longer? I’ll take what I can get.  Also I just had to give up on my tumblr app for this reblog. Text doesn’t scroll so I couldn’t see what I was typing. Dammit.

So long as you understand that there will be no commiserating and, instead, only pointing and laughing at your pain, we’ll be fine then.  :D

Is Fraction pretty terrible on Iron Man then?  I thought Fraction was generally a well-received author?  Not super great, having some good moments, but solid, etc.?  At least that’s what I thought of his Uncanny issues that I read.  Man, it seems like Tony’s forever getting the short end of the stick from Marvel.

Fraction’s been pretty up and down. He’s done some amazingly creative work when A, he’s paired up with a good artist and B, he’s not stuck writing some Big Event thing. Immortal Iron Fist with David Aja is one of the best things Marvel’s put out in the last decade. Invincible Iron Man was generally good, especially the Dark Reign issues, which did a pretty impressive job rehabilitating Tony’s character after Civil War. But he blew a lot of the good will from those series on Fear Itself, a hollow, badly written mess. And apparently he’s killed a lot of the characters he created for Immortal Iron Fist on Defenders? I don’t care because I’m not really following any Marvel series right now except for Captain Marvel, but I’m looking forward to him reuniting with Aja in Hawkeye (but if he creates any supporting cast I’ll try not to care about them because they’ll probably get killed in another book!) Also FF with Mike Allred. It looks like something that’s more his forte—an out-of-the-way project with a creative, non-photorealistic artist.

Oh, and I’ve heard his creator-owned work, Casanova, is his best.


You know what I love about these panels? Jess, Bobbi, and Natasha wereobviously hanging out and being buds. There is no shipper war, they are not fighting over Clint’s cock.
Also, Bobbi’s disdain is perfect.

So wait, Natasha is Clint’s kismesis, Bobbi is his matespirit and Jess is his moirail?


You know what I love about these panels? Jess, Bobbi, and Natasha were
obviously hanging out and being buds. There is no shipper war,
they are not fighting over Clint’s cock.

Also, Bobbi’s disdain is perfect.

So wait, Natasha is Clint’s kismesis, Bobbi is his matespirit and Jess is his moirail?







What can you say? David Aja. David fucking Aja.

Also? While we’re here at the top, I want to thank team HAWKGUY for making room for the benefit issue last month, in spite of adding an entire OTHER issue to the schedule in November, and still getting an issue out in February. New Steve, Sana, David, Matt, Chris, Annie, Jesse, and Old Steve — thank you. I know it only matters to me, but it mattered to me. So yeah. You’re the best.

Did i do a walkthrough for that one? Shit.

Steve and Sana write the little recap blurbs. I am as entertained by them as you are when the issues come out.


this was originally the last page of the issue and we changed it in read through. I fought it and fought it but looked at it both ways and felt Steve was right. And I think the issue’s stronger for it. 

I literally just noticed that she’s wearing Louboutins. A motif amongst the ladies of HAWKGUY apparently.

Look at how her heel comes up out of her shoe. Jesus, david.

FINALLY! Finally finally. I’ve been waiting to write these girls for a while. We’ll have to wait for the meat of it all next month where they each take turns in the spotlight but… yeah. 

David apparently decided it was Retro Night at the Avengers Mansion — how great is that? 

They’re playing Blind Man’s Bluff. I spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time researching just WHICH card precisely each woman would bear. And now I’m talking about it because the only way people know how SMART YOU ARE and how much WORK YOU DO and how much H I D D E N  C U L T  S H I T you put in your stuff is if you TELL THEM ABOUT IT so you are TAKEN SERIOUSLY.

The second of the Fabulous Annie Wu pieces but the first one I knew I was writing, once the idea of the covers-as-Cherry’s-backstory came to me. TEEEEEEN RUNAWAAAAYYYY! 

Also — Annie draws a good Charger, huh?

Her name is NOT really Cherry. Keep reading.

Also I love Pizza Dog giving her the gas-face.

I’m SURE we got the russian wrong. I hope we didn’t but i’m sure we did. eh. i’m okay with the tracksuits having a typo in the name of their own titty bar.

The Fabulous Annie Wu put goldfish in Cherry’s shoes, y’all. 

Kate’s new ride. Of COURSE it’s a new Beetle. Though actually it’s only new for a little while — but more about that later.

Kind of a master-class in color right here from Matt Hollingsworth. We debated whether or not the sfx OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ would be across the frames but they didn’t play; rest assured, OONTZ OONTZ shows up as a sound effect in FF #5.

My script for this page:

— as FROM INSIDE that KO’D TRACKSUIT comes falling backwards though the door.

 The STRIPPERS scream — the PATRONS look like deer trapped in bad metaphors. PANIC sweeps the crowd. The TRACKSUITS all LOOK AT CAMERA (?) or at least AT CLINT and push their sleeves up, coming AT HIM/US… 

(It’s a SHITTY STRIP CLUB. A little stage. A pole, A wall of mirrors. Low to NO LIGHT. A BAR. A back office.)

CLINT weaponizes the entire place. EVERYTHING that can be turned into a weapon will be and he uses it to take out TRACKSUIT after TRACKSUIT. Bottles. Drink trays. Chairs, tables. CLINT goes through one after the next, not going to make the same mistakes he made in ISSUE SIX. Think of The Bride’s raid on the House of Blue Leaves. 

At PAGE’S END, as everyone is running OUT through the door CLINT kicked that guy through — CHERRY sneaks IN, coat gone, looking like one of the fleeing, screaming, dancers.


which i add just to illustrate a little bit how the partnership works. Because — because how could you WRITE that layout? Why would you try? You can’t, so don’t. 

Cherry slipping in moves to the next page, making 12 very much HER story, where as 11 is all Clint. A nice touch. David has an almost holistic way of attacking the page. Page-as-stanza. Scenes will have their own design sense, their own flow. it makes adjustments difficult on the other side, which is why it takes so much to get to this point, why there’s so much back and forth from script to thumbnail to sketch to lettering to finishes.

My question: did Cherry throw the shoe that hit the guy on page 11, panel 9? It’s the girl on stage’s shoes, right? The one is at the bottom of 11, then the other hits the wall here…?

Well, after the Pizza Dog solo issue, we’ll do a STRIPPER SHOE issue and answer ALL of these pressing questions and more.


The plot sickens!

Yes I know what’s in the safe. Yes I know when Clint will know what’s in the safe. Yes I know when you’ll know what’s in the safe.  No I’m not telling you.

I guess the callback is funny, but I really didn’t mean for it to be a callback — it’s that both times we’ve seen clint pull the “i’m an avenger” card he’s been beating the hell out of somebody. So they ask if he’s Iron fist, the punching avenger.

Boy, if we ever restart Iron Fist we’re gonna call it IRON FIST THE PUNCHING AVENGER

I love these first eight panels. Not that the last three are tough shakes either, but.

Also, the mugshots are a Steve McQueen ref. on David’s part. 

Also also, you actually get to SEE Clint’s Avengers application next issue.

She said don’t touch her comics, Clint. Jeez.

One of those things where I wrote it and just trusted the Fabulous Annie Wu to be, well, Fabulous, and good lord did she deliver. Even the logo looks like one of those old Dick Giardano romance comics… 

Annie, you’re the best. Come back any time.

MEANWHILE IN A CRIME COMIC: look at that lineup of people. 

KOAT dropping “bro” as a sign of respect to the gathered room made me giggle like a crazy person at the crazy circus.

I could write a ongoing book about Kingpin and Mr. Negative. Hm.

Also how  great is it seeing Aja’s Typhoid Mary?

Also here Sana jumps off our Crazy Train and we welcome the Believable Tom Brennan as our assistant editor. Sana, again, thank you for everything. You’re the best.

Next: GIRLS.

F4 and FF walkthroughs coming to the mattasticfour blog over the next little bit.

okay this is the greatest thing ever